It’s unfortunate that Sonos bought Snips and killed the platform.

I’ll leave this information posted for whatever use it now has….  


This is easy.  I swear.   Here we go.

  • I have installed on a nuc.  enable the mqtt add-on.
  • i have a separate raspi3B running rasbian with the snips framework installed, sent me one of their maker kits.  Thanks snips!
  • install sam and npm/nodejs (will add notes here in a day or so)
  • create an account at
  • create an assistant, add skills, uncheck the “only show apps with actions”, search for home assistant,  add “Homeassistant” by HASS.

Moving on — update your rasbian/snips install:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

/etc/snips.toml —  leave this alone.  don’t change it at all!

/etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf needs to have the following stuff added at the bottom.  This configuration change connects your HASS mqtt broker with the MQTT broker running by default with — we only need a few MQTT topics to be exchanged to get the magic to happen, so they are specified below.

# Place your local configuration in /etc/mosquitto/conf.d/
# A full description of the configuration file is at
# /usr/share/doc/mosquitto/examples/mosquitto.conf.example

pid_file /var/run/

persistence false
persistence_location /var/lib/mosquitto/

log_dest file /var/log/mosquitto/mosquitto.log

include_dir /etc/mosquitto/conf.d

connection snipsmqtt
remote_username HASS_MQTT_USERNAME
remote_password HASS_MQTT_PASSWORD
remote_clientid snips
start_type automatic
notifications true
cleansession true
bridge_protocol_version mqttv311

# default setting but we explicitly set it here
try_private true

topic hermes/dialogueManager/# in
topic hermes/asr/# in
topic hermes/hotword/# out

topic hermes/intent/# out
topic hermes/asr/# out
topic hermes/hotword/# out
topic hermes/nlu/# out

topic hermes/tts/say in
topic hermes/audioServer/# in
topic hermes/tts/sayFinished in

Finally — deploy your assistant.  Click ‘deploy’ in the window, copy/paste the resulting install command in your raspi that is running snips.


snips should be fuly working now.