Kernelcon 2022 hardware hacking village notes/guides….

kernelcon smartplug hacking workshop

– kernelcon tmobile hotspot hackery

– kernelcon 4-relay board flashing / gpio remapping

-kernelcon homebrew lightstrip with WLED firmware

-kernelcon thin client / cryptomining notes

for IoT projects – use the Kernelcon-IoT network ssid.   Password is     hackspaceio

Hack it for free,  take it home for a fee:  You’re welcome to work through any projects for no cost.  If you’d like the take the completed project home with you, we ask that you cover our hardware costs for devices/solder/consumable parts please.   Find Matt or Jeff to make a purchase.

Smart Plugs:  $10
LED Strips:  $15
Multi-Relay Boards:  $15

Tmobile hotspots are not for sale and must be left at the con.